Hello I am a designer based in San Luis Obispo, California. Former UI Designer at My approach is to simplify problems through better design. I emphasize good typography, visual heirarchy in layouts, effective use of photography and an overall minimalistic style to create intuitive experiences.

Dozuki Marketing Page

This landing page was redesigned to make the product easier to understand. It details key points that describe the core functions of the documentation software. Calls-to-action for trial subscriptions are now given more attention.

iFixit Windows 8 app

This mobile app allows users to view iFixit guides right on their Windows 8 tablet via native app. Large photo grids are designed to make finding devices easy. And the guide layout takes advantage of the Windows 8 side-scrolling nature, providing clear instructions in a book-like matter. Users can also jump to a step by pinching the screen and zooming out into an index view.

iFixit Emails

New layout for an email that summarizes a user's activity in the iFixit community. Redesigned layouts for emails between iFixit and its customers. The new emails are desiged to create more excitement when community members interact. And to improve the xperience of shopping at the iFixit store.

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